Violent Thunderstorm
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 20th January, 1939.

Houses at Chesterfield, Staveley and Ashover Struck by Lightning
During a violent thunderstorm which broke over North Derbyshire on Tuesday night, houses at Chesterfield, Staveley and Ashover were struck by lightning. Extensive damage was done and householders had narrow escapes from injury.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Morris, Hurst House Farm, High Ashes Lane, Ashover, had a remarkable escape when their house was struck by lightning during the storm. Mr. Morris, who is a miner at Parkhouse colliery, had returned home unexpectedly and was sitting reading with his wife when, at 9.15 p.m., a terrific explosion shook the house, accompanied by a vivid flash , which ran along the wireless aerial wire, burnt the wallpaper, completely wrecked a cuckoo clock hanging on the wall and badly damaged a settee and easy chair. Mr. Morris luckily prevented the flames from spreading.
It was the custom of Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Morris's four-year-old son, to sleep in the chair which was damaged until his father returned home from work at 11 p.m., but by a strange coincidence he was staying that night at his grandfather's house. Had he been seated in the chair he would have been seriously injured. Mrs. Morris told a representative of The Derbyshire Times: "The explosion forced the castors off the easy chair and damaged the linoleum at the other side of the house. Torrential rain followed the explosion".