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Ashover Light Railway, Unidentified People.

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Malthouse Lane, Ashover.

Farm on Belland Lane, Stonedge.

All Saints' Church, Ashover.

The Butts, Ashover.

Milltown, Ashover.

Ashover House Hydro, Ashover.

Trossachs Lake, Kelstedge.
All Saints' Church, Ashover.

Stonedge Chimney.
Framework Knitter.
Uppertown School Building.

Uppertown School in snow.

Alicehead Farm.

The remains of Henstone Cottage.

Church Street - Ashover May Carnival, May 1st 2000.

Parish Rooms - Ashover May Carnival, May 1st 2000.

The Maypole - Ashover May Carnival, May 1st 2000.

Butts Chapel.

Marsh Brook Cottage & Butts Chapel.

View of Ashover from South-West.

Stone wall.

Stone wall from below.

Another view of Ashover.
All Saints' Church, Ashover.

The Black Swan.

The Crispin Inn.

Alicehead Farm.

The Crispin Inn.

History of the Crispin Inn.

Ashover House Hydro.
The Sundial, All Saints' Church, Ashover.

Roman Coins found in Ashover.
Wooden Cup made by Jack Young of Woolley Moor.
North Britain Farm.
Far Hill Farm. Aerial view of Far Hill Farm.

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