Kelly's Directory Of Derbyshire, 1895

ASHOVER is a township and extensive parish, on the river Amber, 7 miles south-west from Chesterfield, 3 1/2 north-west from Stretton station on the Ambergate, Chesterfield and Sheffield section of the Midland railway, and 153 from London by railway through Stretton, in the Chesterfield division of the county, Scarsdale hundred, Chesterfield union, Alfreton petty sessional division and county court district, rural deanery of Chesterfield, archdeaconry of Derby and diocese of Southwell The church of All Saints, built about 1419, is a large and beautiful edifice of stone, in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch and a square embattled tower at the west end, with a spire 69 feet in height and containing a clock and 6 bells, two of which are dated 1625, and the others 1630, 1751, 1814 and 1890, the latest being the gift of F. J. Fenton esq.: the monuments include a tomb to the Babington family, with life-size recumbent figures of a man and his wife, and around the sides, in small panels, figures of their numerous children: on the floor, within the altar rails, is a large brass, with figures to the Rollestone family and one to Robert Eyre, a former rector: the stained east window was inserted about 1857; there are memorial windows to the Nodder family, erected in 1845: the Colmore family (1870) and that of Moon (1867); one, erected in 1867, by John Thompson esq. in memory of his late wife; and another in 1877, by J. B. Gregory esq. of Raven's Nest, to his parents: the brass eagle lectern was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Jessop, of Overton Hall, in memory of their eldest daughter, and the carved oak Reredos was given by Mrs. Jessop in 1894, in memory of her husband: the font is of lead, ornamented with figures: during the years 1886-90 the interior of the church underwent various alterations and improvements, at a cost of upwards of £600, when an organ chamber was added and the north doorway and tower arch opened, and a hagioscope and part of the rood loft stairs disclosed: the church plate includes pieces dating from 1581 to 1725: there are 600 sittings. The parish register of baptisms dates from 1622, with a gap from 1623 to 1653, of burials and marriages from 1563, and these records are in good condition. The living is a rectory, average tithe rent-charge £400, net yearly value £350, including 155 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of and held since 1878 by the Rev. John Bourne Nodder M.A. of Corpus Christi college, Cambridge. There are Primitive and Wesleyan Methodist chapels. There is a cemetery of 1 1/2 acres, with one mortuary chapel, under the control of the Parish Council of 8 members. Fairs for cattle and sheep are held on April 25th and October 15th, and a statute fair the Monday before Martinmas day (in November). The charities amount to about £40 yearly, arising from

various benefactions, and are all distributed at Christ-mas, in prizes to the Sunday school children, in flannel, money and beef. Stubben Edge, the seat of John Peter-Jackson esq. J.P. has been rebuilt on the site of a more ancient mansion. Overton Hall, the seat of Mrs. Jessop, is an extensive building, situated in a pleasant valley. The Rev. J. B. Nodder M.A. and others are lords of the manor. The principal landowners are John Peter Jackson esq. J.P. Mrs. Jessop and the Rev. John Bourne Nodder M.A.; there are numerous smaller owners. The soil in the valley is very good, on the hills more barren; subsoil, grit and limestone. The land is-chiefly used as pasturage. The acreage of the township -is 9,2443. 3r. 10p.; of the parish 11,290; rateable value, £11,205 ; the population of the township in 1891 was 2.353.
Alton, one mile north-east; Kelstedge, one mile north-north-west ; Upper Town, 2 1/2 miles north-west; Mill-town, one mile south, and Little Moor, one mile east, are hamlets.
There are Church and Nonconformist mission rooms at Alton, where services are conducted on Sunday afternoon and evening.
Eastwood Hall, destroyed in 1642, and now in ruins, is half a mile east.
Deputy Parish Clerk, Thomas Joseph Beardow.
Post, M. O. & T. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, John Taylor, postmaster. Letters arrive from Chesterfield at 7.15 a.m.; dispatched thereto at 5.55 p.m. week days only.
Wall Boxes:—Ambervale, cleared at 5.45 p.m.; Little-moor, at 6.10 p.m.; Milltown, at 6.5 p.m.; Stonedge, at 12 noon, mon. wed. & fridays only.
Police Station, Alfred Sadler, constable in charge.

A School Board of 5 members was formed in 1875; Thomas Joseph Beardow, clerk to the board; Joseph Holmes, attendance officer
Endowed (Upper Town), built in 1881 & endowed with the proceeds of the sale of the Free School buildings,. was first erected by George Hodgkinson, & completed by his son, William Hodgkinson, in 1703; it is under -the control of Charity Trustees & has an annual income of about £30; the school will hold 60 children; average attendance, 55; Miss Alice Margaret Brooks, mistress.
Board, erected in 1877, for 285 children; average attendance, 115 boys, 90 girls & 60 infants; John Gibbons, master; Miss Sarah Hitchman, infants' mistress.
Conveyance.—Omnibus, to & from Stretton station
Carriers to Chesterfield.—John Featherstone, tues. thurs. & sat.; William Marshall, tues. thurs. & sat

Bassett Mrs. Ashover Hill

Edwards Thos. George, Dovecote ho.
Fenton Frederick Jarvis, Amber villa
Goodwin Miss
Hunter Thomas C. Rose cottage
Jackson John Peter J.P. Stubben edge
Jameson Wilfred, The Butts
Jessop Mrs. Overton hall
McConnell Wm.Holdsworth,Marsh grn
Mardon Miss, Hillside cottage
Murray Francis Edwin, Leidernot
Nodder Rev. Jn. Bourne M.A. (rector),Rectory
Pattison Rev. Archibald (curate)
Rooth George A. Grove house
Twigg John Henry, Amber house
Wheatcroft Mrs. Moor grange (letters through Tansley, Matlock)
Allen William,farmer,Bleaklow (letters through Tansley, Matlock)
Allsop John, farmer, Robridding
Allsop Matthew, farmer, Dale bank
Ash William, farmer, Slack
Ashover Co-operative Society Lim.(Thomas Revell, manager) Ashover Hydropathic Co. Limited (Joseph James Shipman, sec.; Miss Mary Piggin, manageress)
Ashover Lime Works (Isaac & Saml. Wilbraham), Milltown road
Ashover Stone Co. quarry owners
Ashover Water Co. Limited (Thomas White, sec)
Attkinson Edwin, head gardener to W. Chesterman. esq.
Austin Charles, farmer, Littleworth
Barker Joseph, wheelwright, Peglant
Bass George, farmer, Span carr
Beardow Bros, builders & contractors
Beardow Holmes, farmer, Slate house
Beardow Thos. Joseph, clerk to school board & deputy parish clerk
Beck Thomas, quarry owner
Bennett Frank, butcher
Birks John, farmer, Andrew lane
Birks John, farmer, Raven's house
Blackwall Thomas, architect, civil engineer, The Hollies Boar John, apartments, Nether green
Bown Adam, Three Horse Shoes P.H. Stone edge
Bown James, farmer, Ardwick
Bown Samuel, farmer, North Britain
Bown Thomas, farmer, Upper town
Bowring Arundel, farmer, Milltown
Bradley John, Red Lion P.H. & blacksmith, Kelstedge
Bradley Joseph, farmer
Brierley John, farmer, Fabric
Brough William, farmer, Upper town
Buckett Frank, Whitelion P.H. Klstdge
Bunting Benjamin, tailor
Burdekin Geo.farmr.Sheep Leys farm
Byard George, farmer, Dryhurst
Carnley Martha Francis (Mrs.), hydropathic establishment, Ambervale
Cemetery (Thomas White, clerk)
Charlesworth Levi, farmer
Chawner Alfred L.R.C.P. Lond. surgeon
Clay William, farmer, Stonedge
Critchlow Joseph, farmer, Dewey lane (letters through Brackenfield, Alfreton)
Crompton & Evans Union Bank Lim.(fridays, 12 to 2 o'clock)
Crossland John Wm, family grocer,provision dealer, baker, confectioner & refreshment rooms, picnic or private parties catered for, Standard Supply stores.
Cundy Bros; pick, hack, hammer & fork shafts, english & foreign sawn timber, Cendware, Kelstedge mills
Darley Dale & District Stone Co. stone merchants & quarry owners
Davis James, farmer, Brockhurst
Eastwood Geo. farmer, Appletree Knoll
Eaton Joseph & Sons, saddlers & harness makers
Edwards Thomas George, estate agent Dovecote house
Bassett Mrs. Hill Cottage
Blackwall Thomas C.E. The Hollies
Boar John

Edge Joseph, farmer, Birkin lane
Ellse Mary (Mrs.), farmer, The Butts
Else MaryAnn (Mrs.),farmer,Dale bank
Else Walter, farmer, Edges Evans Elizabeth Ann (Mrs,), grocer
Featherstone John, carrier
Fidler Elizh.(Mrs.), farmr. Raven's nest
Fletcher Geo. farmer, Eastwood hall
Fox John & George Lees, farmers, Ravenhouse farm
Fox William, farmer, Butterley
Fretwell Thomas, farmer, Shootersley
Gibbons John, farmer, Prestedge
Goodall George, farmer, Hay
Goodwin Henry, apartments,West bnk
Gregory Geo. Miners'Arms P.H. Mlltwn
Gregory Hannah Evans (Miss),farmer, Milltown
Gregory. John Bassett, farmr. Raven's Nest farm
Hardwick George, farmer, Hay
Hardy Alfred, farmer, Green house
Harley Edward, farmer, Lant lodge
Hawkesworth Henry, farmer, Stonedge
Hill George, farmer, Brockhurst
Hill John, farmer, Milltown
Hill William, farmer, Upper town
Hitchman Daniel, farmer
Hodgson Maria (Mrs.), apartments, Allandale house
Hole John, farmer, Amber hill
Hollingsworth Hy. farmer, Stonedge
Holmes Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper Kelstedge
Holmes Hnnh. (Mrs.), frmr. Upper end
Holmes Joseph, Crispin inn, & fly I proprietor & good stabling accommodation
Holmes Richard, farmer, Shooters lees
Holmes Samuel, butcher
Hopkinson Edward, farmer, Edlistow
Hopkinson George, farmer, Whitfield
Hopkinson Hiram, stone mason,Far hl
Hopkinson Reed, mason & builder, Milltown
Hopkinson Thos, farmer, Upper town
Hopkinson Thomas, mason & builder
Hunt Ann (Mrs.), apartments. Hill rd
Jameson Wilfred L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., L.F.P.& S.Glas. surgeon, The Butts
Jeffery Wm. shopkeeper, Little moor
Jepson Robert, farmer
Johnson Edmund, farmer, High Ashes
Kay Ths. Valentine L.R.C.P. Edin. srgn
Kemp Henry, shopkeeper, Milltown
Kirby Saml. Greyhound P.H. Milltown
Lee Joseph, farmer, Bunting field
Lee William, farmer, Wilkin house
Lees Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Hill top
Limb Richard, Lord Nelson P.H. & farmer, Amber lane
Ludlam Wm. farmer, Rob ridding
Maden Edward, farmer, Peasunhurst
Marriott Edward, farmer, Stonedge
Marriott Jeremiah, farmer
Marriott Joseph, boot & shoe maker
Marriott Samuel, farmer, Henstone cot
Marshall William, carrier
Maskery Mary Ann (Miss), shopkeepr Milltown
Mather Charles, farmer, Lattercotes
McNey Mary (Mrs.); apartments Langford villa
Mellor Henry, carpenter, Little moor
Morris Arthur H. farmer, Kestledge
Mowbray George, farmer, Alice head
Mowbray John, farmer
Mowbray Joseph, farmer, Hazelhurst
Mycock Thos. frmr.Hard Meadow lane
Nightingale Jane (Mrs.), apartments Sunnyside
Pike Walter, farmer, Jockey house
Pollard Joseph, farmer, Dryhurst
Proctor Joseph, carpenter, joiner builder & contractor
Read Chas. stone mer. Grouse cottage
Revell Fanny (Miss), White Lion P.H.
Revell Henry, wheelwright
Rhodes Maria & Sarah (Misses), farmers, The Moors
Richardson Elizabeth (Miss), stationer
Burley Mrs. Hill House
Challis Arthur John, Bourne House
Chesterman Wm. Eastwood grange

Robinson J.& Co. drprs. &c.Bamford ho
Robinson Edwin, farmer, Milltown
Robinson James, farmer, Brockhurst
Robinson Jas. Albt. miller, Brockhurst
Robinson Joseph, farmer, Kelstedge
Robinson Mary (Mrs.), farmer. Slack
Rooth Mabel S. & Kate M. (Misses), ladies' boarding school, Grove house
Saunderson Robert, hair dresser
Shaw Geo, farmr.& cattle
Shaw William, farmer, Eddlestow hall
Shayler Catherine (Mrs.), apartments
Sheppard Joseph, shopkeeper
Shipman Abraham, farmer, Far hill
Shipman Joseph James, chemist
Short James, farmer, Littlemoor
Simpson Robt. farmer & stone mercht
Sims John, farmer, Span carr
Smith Booth. Jas, carpenter & wheelwright, Kelstedge
Smith Samuel, farmer, Kelstedge
Stacy George, farmer, Milltown
Swift Thomas, farmer, Upper town
Swift William, farmer, Span car
Tagg Wm.& Joseph.farmrs. Hatchlees
Tagg Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Gorse hall
Tarr Wm. Read (sic) Lion P.H. Stonedge
Taylor John, grocer, Post office
Taylor William, greengrocer
Thompson Francis, pork butcher
Tomlinson Allen, cab proprietor; carriages on hire for private or picnic parties, Allandale house
Tomlinson Edward, farmr. Brockhurst
Tomlinson Henry, farmer, Brockhurst
Tomlinson John, farmer, Hill top
Tomlinson Joseph (Mrs.), baker
Tomlinson Joshua, farmer, Yew field
Tomlinson William, Black Swan P.H. busses run from Stretton station; carriages on hire for private & picnic parties.
Towndrow Chas. farmer, Highore dish
Towndrow Joseph, farmr. Rough close
Towndrow Thos. farmer, Moor grange (letters through Tansley, Matlock)
Turner George, farmer, Oulston moor
Turner George, farmer, Stone crow
Twigg John, farmer, Rushley lodge
Walker Job, farmer, Upper town
Ward Elizbth. (Mrs.), frmr.Brockhrst
Watson Richard Kirk, farmer, Gladwin Mark
Watts Ann (Mrs,), shopkpr. Kelstedge
Wheeldon John, farmer, Bassett barn
White Betty (Mrs.), farmer.Spitewintr
White James, millwright & machinist & general smith
White James, Red Lion P.H.; good accommodation for visitors; parties catered for White Thomas, assistant overseer & surveyor of roads & clerk to the parish council
White William, farmer, Stonedge Whittaker William, farmer, Butterley
Wilbraham Isaac & Saml. stone mers. & lime burners, Ashover lime works
Wilmot George, farmer, Amber lane
Wilmot George, farmer & blacksmith, Milltown
Wilmot George, farmer, Roach house
Wilmot Joseph, farmer, Slack
Wilmot William, farmer, Ardwick
Windle Henry, farmer, Alice head
Wood James, farmer, Gladwin mark
Working Men's Club & Institute (Wm. Sinclair, hon, sec)
Worthy Ernest, farmer, Blakelow
Wright Herbert, farmer, Overton

(Letters are received through Chesterfield. Names marked † should be addressed Tupton, Chesterfield.)
Gothard James, Hill Side house
Allen Benj. Malt Shovel P.H. & frmr
Allen Joseph, farmer
†Barclow Thomas, farmer, Press
Bower George, farmer, Alton lane

Bradley Henry, farmer
Bunting Walter, farmer
Chapel George, farmer
Dakin John, farmer
†Elliott William, sen. farmer, Press
†Elliott William, jun. Press
Fisher William, farmer
Fretwell John, farmer
†Green Thomas, farmer, Northedge

†Hague John, farmer, Northedge
Jepson Henry Young, farmer
†Morris Samuel, farmer, Press
†Mycroft Emma (Mrs.), farmer, Press
Renshaw Joseph, shopkeeper
†Slater Samuel, farmer, Press
†Smedley Jsph. stone mer. Northedge
Smedley William, stone merchant
Snaith Charles, Manor inn, Northedge

Spencer John, farmer
†Stone William, farmer, Northedge
†Towndrow John, farmer, Ashover hill
Waddington Booth, quarry owner, Alton quarries
†Walker William, farmer, Northedge
Wharton Charles, farmer, Alton lane
Wilson William, blacksmith
Young Henry, farmer