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Ashover at Domesday
from The Feudal History of the County of Derby, by John Pym Yeatman.

Burglary at the home of Rev. Joseph Nodder, 1857.
information supplied by Jack Abbott.

Marsh Green in the 1920's
by Dorothy Tilley.

Ashover Hydro
information supplied by Syd Kilpin.

Ashover Light Railway, 1925 - 1950
by Sylvia Wright.

A History of Ashover, Derbyshire
compiled by members of the Ashover Women's Institute, 1931.

from the Derbyshire Times, Saturday 2nd January, 1932.

Effect of Snow Storm
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 13th January, 1939.

Violent Thunderstorm
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 20th January, 1939.

Ashover Working Men's Club
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 20th January, 1939.

Ashover A.R.P. Committee
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 27th January, 1939.

His Christmas Dinner
from the Derbyshire Times, Friday 3rd January, 1958.

Ashover School´s Rare 3000-year-old Bronze Age Find
from the Matlock Mercury, Wednesday 10th October, 2001.

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