[Last Updated : 6 April 2000]
Funeral Cards
Data provided by Davina Bradley of Brimington, Derbyshire, UK.

Name Details
BOWN, Alice Wife of Samuel Bown
Died February 2nd 1948
Age 85 yrs
Interred Ashover February 6th
BOWN, Gertrude Daughter of Thomas Fretwell Bown and Sarah Ellen Bown
Died April 11th 1938
Age 20 yrs
Interred at Ashover Cemetery April 16th
BOWN, Jane Wife of James Bown
Died July 11th 1917
Age 76 yrs
Interred Ashover Church
BOWN, Kate Wife of John Bown
Died January 15th 1914
Age 28yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery January 19th
BOWN, Sarah Ann Died October 18th 1891
Age 22yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery
BOWN, Sarah Ellen Wife of the late Thomas Fretwell Bown
Died June 22nd 1944
Age 57yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery June 26th
BOWN, Thomas
(of Uppertown)
Husband of Mary Ellen Bown
Died December 10th 1895
Age 40 yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery December 13th
BROUGH, Mary Died September 22nd 1872
Age 77yrs
Interred Ashover September 26th
BURDEKIN, Sarah Relict of the late Joseph Burdekin
Died September 27th 1910
Age 95 yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery September 30th
BUXTON, Joseph
(of Ashover)
Died July 22nd 1874
Age 35 yrs
Interred Ashover July 26th
CLAY, William
(of Stonedge)
Died April 17th 1896
Age 58yrs
Interred Ashover Church April 21st
EATON, Mary Died March 24th 1898
Age 72 yrs
Interred Ashover cemetery March 29th
ELLIOTT, Fred Died February 26th 1927
Age 54 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery March 2nd
(of Ashover)
Died March 12th 1902
Age 74 yrs
Interred at Chesterfield cemetery, March 14th
FRETWELL, John Died November 30th 1913
Age 80yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery December 3rd
(of Uppertown, Ashover)
Wife of Joseph Hollingworth
Died April 25th 1879
Age 64 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery April 28th
(of Ashover)
Widow of the late John Holmes
Died May 17th 1873
Age 67
Interred Ashover Church on 21st May
(of Shooters Lea)
Child of Richard and Maria Holmes
Died July 9th 1892
Age 6 mths
Interred Ashover Church July 12th
HOLMES, Arthur
(Stonefield House)
Died January 2nd 1927
Age 61 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery January 6th
HOLMES, George
(Stonefield House, Ashover)
Died January 25th 1889
Age 62 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery January 29th
HOLMES, Sophia Ann
(of Shooters Lea)
Wife of Richard Holmes
Died May 19th 1881
Age 37 yrs
Interred At Ashover, May 24th
HOLMES, William
(of Dryhurst)
Died April 4th 1879
Age 33 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery, April 4th
JEPSON, George Dear Husband
Died December 8th 1944
Age 56 yrs
Interred Ashover Church, December 11th
LEE, William
(of Wilkin House, Ashover)
Died February 20th 1896
Age 73yrs
Interred Ashover, February 24th
LUDLAM, John Died April 6th 1927
Age 87 yrs
MARRIOTT, John Son of Jerry and Martha Marriott
Died May 18th 1920
Age 10 months
Interred Ashover May 22nd
MARRIOTT, Mary Daughter of Walter and Rose Benedicta Marriott
Died April 21st, 1927
Age 2yrs 4 months
Interred Ashover April 25th
MARRIOTT, Mary Wife of the late Jeremiah Marriott
Died March 31st 1939
Age 73yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery April 5th
(of Hodge Lane)
Died February 11th 1879
Age 92 yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery 14th February
SHAW, Fanny Wife of George Shaw
Died June 21st 1923
Age 66 yrs
Interred Ashover church, June 25th
SHAW, Fred
(Bath House Farm, Ashover)
Husband of Maria Shaw
Died February 7th 1935
Age 68 yrs
Interred Ashover Church, February 9th
STONE, Mary Ann Died January 23rd, 1870
Age 1 yr 7 months
Interred Ashover Church, January 26th
STONE, Sarah Ann Died May 13th 1866
Age 5 months
WHITE, Joseph Husband of Sarah White
Died Sept 5th 1924
Age 50yrs
Interred Ashover Cemetery Sept 10th
WILMOT, John Died March 27th 1903
Age 79 yrs
Interred Ashover Church, March 31st
WINDLE, Elizabeth
(of Alicehead)
Born January 30th 1884
Died December 25th 1894
Interred Ashover December 28th