Ashover Hydro
information provided by Syd Kilpin, 19th May 2001.

Syd Kilpin's mother was assistant Manager at Ashover Hydro.

Managers of Ashover Hydro from 1906 - 1950
Mrs. Statham - 1906
Miss. Rogers - 1912
Mrs. Adams - 1914
Miss. Wilkey - 1916
Mrs. Taylor - 1920 -1950 (Closure)

Miss Johnstone - Laundry Assistant 1920 -1950.
Please note that during the above period there were Turkish Baths and other Hydropathic Treatments (Closed 1922).
It also had its own laundry, for the Hydro, Ashover and surrounding area. (Closed 1924)

It also made its own electricity, oil engine and generator, glass accumulators used for night time use, for lights in corridors.

On closure of the Laundry, this service was undertaken by Troy Laundry of Grindleford, collected and returned weekly (in all weathers across Beeley Moors).

Office Staff
Miss Ayre 1936
Mr Ollerenshaw 1940 (Kelstedge)
(Book Keeper - former School Master, Ashover. 1940)

Cooks employed from 1920 onwards
Miss Buxton
Mrs. Bell
Mrs. Pinder
Mrs. Wall
Mrs. Kilpin
Mrs. Wall.