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1891 Census of Ashover

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No. Location Name Relationship to head Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth Reference
1 Henstone Cottage Samuel H. MARRIOTT Head Married 40 Stoneman & Farmer Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 37   Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Samuel J. MARRIOTT Son   14 Employed in Stone Quarry Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Florence J. MARRIOTT Daughter   12 Scholar Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Lillie J. MARRIOTT Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
Richard J. MARRIOTT Son   4   Ashover
Albert MARRIOTT Son   4mth   Ashover
2 Black Swan Inn William TOMLINSON Head Married 40 Publican & Cab Proprietor Ashover RG12/2757 Page 9 Schedule 63
Ann TOMLINSON Wife Married 38   Ashover
Edmund R. TOMLINSON Son   11 Scholar Ashover
Dolly R. TOMLINSON Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
Samuel TOMLINSON Son   8 Scholar Ashover
Ernest TOMLINSON Son   6 Scholar Ashover
John E. TOMLINSON Son   4   Ashover
Fanny TOMLINSON Daughter   1   Ashover
William MARRIOTT Servant Single 45 Cab Driver/Groom Ashover
Robert WYLDE Servant Single 27 Mail Driver Ashover
Ellen Maria TAYLOR Servant   14 Domestic Servant Ashover
3 Yew Tree Close Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 42 Shoemaker Ashover  
Emily MARRIOTT Wife Married 52   Horspath, Oxfordshire
Thomas H. MARRIOTT Son   14   Ashover
Joseph T. MARRIOTT Son   12 Scholar Ashover
Eliza MARRIOTT Niece   16 General Servant Ashover
Stephen PALMER Lodger Single 36 Living on his own means Brough Castle, Gorleston?
4 Ashover George SLINN Head Married 30 General Labourer Alton, Ashover  
Mahalah SLINN Wife Married 30   Alton, Ashover
William SLINN Son   7   Alton, Ashover
George SLINN Nephew   16 General Labourer Alton, Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Father-in-law Widower 71 Living on his own means Ashover
5 Amber Lane William H. CARLINE Head Married 24 Quarry Labourer Ashover  
Mary A. CARLINE Wife Married 22   Ashover
Job CARLINE Son   1   Ashover
George MARRIOTT Boarder   19 Quarry Labourer Ashover
6 Kelstedge George WATTS Head Married 81 Grocer Holymoorside, Derbyshire  
Jane WATTS Wife Married 65   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Mary E. CARLINE Servant   15 General Servant Ashover
George MARRIOTT Boarder   30 Stone Cutter Ashover
7 Kelstedge Jeremiah MARRIOTT Head Married 28 Stone Cutter Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 23   Tansley, Derbyshire
William MARRIOTT Son   7 Scholar Ashover
John MARRIOTT Son   5 Scholar Ashover
Jerry MARRIOTT Son   3   Ashover
Ted MARRIOTT Son   1   Ashover
Rose A. MARRIOTT Daughter   9mth   Ashover
8 Whitfield House William MARRIOTT Head Married 38 Quarryman Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 40   Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
Frank MARRIOTT Son   6 Scholar Ashover
Abram MARRIOTT Son   4   Ashover
Fred MARRIOTT Son   2   Ashover
Lot MARRIOTT Son   9mth   Ashover
9 Pig Lead Edward MARRIOTT Head Married 35 Farmer Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 54   Woodside, Cheshire
Samuel HOPKINSON Boarder   34 Coal Miner Walton, Derbyshire
10 Highfield House Diana MARRIOTT Head Widow 63 Farmer Ashover  
William MARRIOTT Son Single 40 Farmer Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter   ? Dressmaker Ashover
11 Stone Edge Walter MARRIOTT Head Married 27 Traction Engine Driver Ashover  
Sarah MARRIOTT Wife Married 22   Ashover
Ellen MARRIOTT Daughter   4   Ashover
Annie MARRIOTT Daughter   2   Ashover
12 Stone Edge William HINDLEY? Head Widower 76   Ashover  
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Granddaughter   16   Ashover  
Sarah DOWN Visitor   22   Ashover  
13 Gladwin Mark Thomas MARRIOTT Head Married 56 Quarryman Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 45   Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son   17 Scholar Ashover
Tom MARRIOTT Son   12 Scholar Ashover
Abraham MARRIOTT Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Rachel MARRIOTT Daughter   5   Ashover
Fred WALKER Grandson   4   Ashover
14 Butts Cottage Joseph REVELL Head Married 29 Joiner Ashover RG12/2757 Page 4 Schedule 5
Mary A. REVELL Wife Married 28   Shelsley, Worcestershire
George REVELL Son   2   Ashover
Mabel REVELL Daughter   3mth   Ashover
15 Marsh Brook Eliza REVELL Head Widow 54 Occasional Nurse Ashover RG12/2757 Page 4 Schedule 6
16 Green Lane Emma AINSWORTH Head Single 50 Dressmaker Alton, Staffordshire RG12/2757 Page 5 Schedule 8
Ann JOHNSON Lodger Widow 60   Aston-on-Trent, Derbyshire
George SHEPHERD Lodger Single 27 Gardener Oxford
Henry BROWN Lodger Single 20 Groom Bruckhall?, Buckinghamshire
17 Green Lane Sarah RENSHAW Head Widow 41 Church Cleaner Tibshelf, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 5 Schedule 9
Lilly M. RENSHAW Daughter Single 18 Domestic Servant Ashover
Alice A. RENSHAW Daughter Single 15 Domestic Servant Ashover
Edith RENSHAW Daughter   11 Scholar Ashover
Martha M. RENSHAW Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
George RENSHAW Son   4   Ashover
18 Hill Top Farm William LEES Head Married 34 Farmer Darley, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 5 Schedule 14
Annie LEES Wife Married 36   Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire
Sarah LEES Mother Single 52   Darley, Derbyshire
Edman LEES Uncle Single 73 Farm Servant Darley, Derbyshire
George LEES Brother Single 21 Farm Servant Ashover
George CARLINE Servant Single 15 Farm Servant Ashover
19 Hill Top Farm John TOMLINSON Head Married 64 Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 5 Schedule 15
Sarah TOMLINSON Wife Married 53   Ashover
Annie TOMLINSON Daughter Single 23   Ashover
Mary TOMLINSON Daughter Single 21   Ashover
Joshua TOMLINSON Son Single 19 Farmer's son Ashover
Elizabeth TOMLINSON Daughter Single 17   Ashover
Amelia MOWBRAY Mother-in-law Widow 84   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
20 Appletree Knoll Samuel BEARDOW Head Married 38 Farmer & Labourer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 5 Schedule 16
Elizabeth BEARDOW Wife Married 30   Ashover
Hannah BEARDOW Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
Sarah Ann BEARDOW Daughter   8 Scholar Ashover
George BEARDOW Son   6 Scholar Ashover
Harry BEARDOW Son   4   Ashover
Elizabeth BEARDOW Daughter   2   Ashover
Samuel BEARDOW Son   6mth   Ashover
21 Far Hill John TOWNDROW Head Married 58 Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 6 Schedule 22
Eliza F. TOWNDROW Wife Married 48   Ashover
22 Hockley Thomas ALLEN Head Married 71 Chimney Sweeper Dronfield, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 7 Schedule 37
Mary ALLEN Wife Married 65   Bolsover, Derbyshire
23 Ashover Village Benjamin BUNTING Head Married 69 Tailor Ashover RG12/2757 Page 7 Schedule 41
Matilda BUNTING Wife Married 71   Ashover
24 Ashover George BOWER Head Married 78 Retired Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8 Schedule 50
Ann BOWER Wife Married 65   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
25 The Rectory John B. NODDER Head Married 37 Rector of Ashover Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8, Schedule 52
Mary NODDER Wife Married 29   Yardley, Worcestershire
Reginald NODDER Son   7   Ashover
Ruth NODDER Daughter   5   Ashover
Marguerite NODDER Daughter   1   Ashover
Hannah TAYLOR Servant Single 40 Cook Smethwick, Warwickshire
Agnes BURGOYNE Servant Single 21 House & Parlour Maid Ripley, Derbyshire
Emma COOMBS Servant Single 19 Nurse Worcestershire
26 Ashover Joseph M. BRADLEY Head Married 57 Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 9 Schedule 59
Mary A. BRADLEY Wife Married 60   Ashover
27 Chantry House Henry REVELL Head Married 48 Joiner & Wheelwright Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8 Schedule 53
Ellen REVELL Wife Married 43   Winster, Derbyshire
William T. REVELL Son   10 Scholar Ashover
Ethel REVELL Daughter   8 Scholar Ashover
John T. REVELL Son   5 Scholar Ashover
Edmund REVELL Son   3   Ashover
28 Bake House Sarah TOMLINSON Head Widow 64 Baker Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8 Schedule 54
Charles TOMLINSON Son Single 34 Pattern Maker Ashover
Rebecca TOMLINSON Daughter Single 27   Ashover
Kate TOMLINSON Daughter Single 21   Ashover
29 Delph Cottage Thomas WHITE Head Married 50 Assist. Overseer & Surveyor Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8 Schedule 55
Sarah WHITE Wife Married 53   Ashover
Sarah WHITE Daughter Single 22 Dressmaker Ashover
Elizabeth WHITE Daughter Single 18 Schoolteacher Ashover
Edmund WHITE Son   14 Schoolteacher Ashover
Thomas WHITE Son   11 Scholar Ashover
30 Crispen Inn R. Joseph HOLMES Head Married 47 Innkeeper & Cab Proprietor Ashover RG12/2757 Page 8 Schedule 56
Eliza HOLMES Wife Married 50   Ashover
Mary A. HOLMES Daughter Single 24   Ashover
Elizabeth HOLMES Daughter Single 19   Ashover
Hannah R. HOLMES Daughter   12 Scholar Ashover
Ben HOLMES Son   10 Scholar Ashover
Harry HOLMES Son   16 Cab Driver Ashover
John G. HOLMES Son   9 Scholar Ashover
Alice HOLMES Daughter   6 Scholar Ashover
Annie HOLMES Daughter   1   Ashover
John GRASSICK Servant Single 23 Farm Servant & Cab Driver Tupton, Derbyshire
Hannah NEEDHAM Servant Single 15 Domestic Servant Ashover
31 Ashover - Butcher's Shop Samuel HOLMES Head Married 28 Butcher Ashover RG12/2757 Page 9 Schedule 64
Sarah Grace HOLMES Wife Married 25   Ashover
John T. HOLMES Son   11mth   Ashover
Samuel BIRKS Cousin   13 Butcher's Assistant Ashover
32 Hill Road Sarah WHITE Head Single 28 Dressmaker Ashover RG12/2757 Page 10 Schedule 73
Sarah WHITE Mother Married 67   Ashover
Joe WHITE Brother Single 30 Whitesmith Ashover
Jim WHITE Brother Single 25 Whitesmith Ashover
33 Rattle David MARRIOTT (CHADWICK) Head Single 65 Crier & Bill Poster Ashover RG12/2757 Page 12 Schedule 94
34 Rattle James BUNTING Head Widower 66 General Labourer Matlock, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 12 Schedule 96
Mary Jane BUNTING Daughter Single 44 Charwoman (Deaf & Dumb) Matlock, Derbyshire
Ellen BUNTING Daughter Single 26 General Servant Sheffield, Yorkshire
Annie BUNTING Granddaughter   8 Scholar Ashover
35 Rattle George WHITE Head Married 35 Blacksmith Ashover RG12/2757 Page 12 Schedule 106
Harriett WHITE Wife Married 37   Ashover
Walter WHITE Son   10 Scholar Ashover
Tom WHITE Son   8 Scholar Ashover
Will WHITE Son   5 Scholar Ashover
36 Rattle William TOMLINSON Head Married 56 Farm Labourer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 13 Schedule 111
Jane TOMLINSON Wife Married 67   Ashover
37 Grove Cottages Thomas BEARDOW Head Married 37 Joiner Ashover RG12/2757 Page 13 Schedule 118
Martha BEARDOW Wife Married 40   Diseworth, Leicestershire
Ann Gill BEARDOW Daughter   15 Dressmaker's App. Ashover
Charles H. BEARDOW Son   11 Scholar Ashover
37 Grove Cottages George BEARDOW Head Married 38 Joiner Ashover RG12/2757 Page 13 Schedule 119
Elizabeth BEARDOW Wife Married 40   Tapton, Derbyshire
Ellen BEARDOW Daughter   8 Scholar Ashover
Marian BEARDOW Daughter   7 Scholar Ashover
Henry BEARDOW Son   5 Scholar Ashover
Frank BEARDOW Son   3   Ashover
Catherine BEARDOW Daughter   2   Ashover
38 Ashover John H. BEARDOW Head Married 40 Wheelwright Ashover RG12/2757 Page 14 Schedule 122
Emily BEARDOW Wife Married 41   Sutton St. James, Lincolnshire
Edward BEARDOW Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Lucy BEARDOW Daughter   5 Scholar Ashover
Arthur BEARDOW Son   3   Ashover
39 White Lion Inn Dolly REVELL Head Widow 84 Publican & Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 15 Schedule 131
Fanny REVELL Daughter Single 45   Ashover
Lawrence REVELL Son Single 41   Ashover
Robert W. REVELL Grandson Single 22 Wheelwright Ashover
40 Ashover Edmund TOMLINSON Head Married 31 Stone Cutter Ashover RG12/2757 Page 15 Schedule 132
Mary TOMLINSON Wife Married 30   Wingerworth, Derbyshire
Joseph TOMLINSON Son   9 Scholar Ashover
Maria TOMLINSON Daughter   7 Scholar Langley Mill
Charles TOMLINSON Son   5 Scholar Ashover
Fred TOMLINSON Son   1   Ashover
41 Spancar James BOWN Head Married 45 Clay Getter Ashover RG12/2757 Page 21 Schedule 20
Annie BOWN Wife Married 34   Ashover
Annie BOWN Daughter   11 Scholar Walton, Derbyshire
Elizabeth BOWN Daughter   10 Scholar Walton, Derbyshire
John BOWN Son   8 Scholar Walton, Derbyshire
Mary BOWN Daughter   7 Scholar Walton, Derbyshire
Lillie BOWN Daughter   4   Ashover
Sarah BOWN Daughter   2   Ashover
Alice BOWN Daughter   1   Ashover
42 Spancar Charles LYNAM Head Married 57 Farm Labourer Clay Cross, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 21 Schedule 26
Emma LYNAM Wife Married 51   Holmgate, Derbyshire
43 Press Daniel PETT Head Married 59 Agricultural Labourer Biggin, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 24 Schedule 58
Jane PETT Wife Married 60   Over Haddon, Derbyshire
William PETT Son Single 27 Coal Miner Grassmoor, Derbyshire
Jane PETT Daughter Single 18   Press, Ashover
Mary EANSWORTH Granddaughter   5   Alton, Ashover
44 Press Samuel EANSWORTH Head Married 33 Coal Miner Wirley Bank, Staffordshire RG12/2757 Page 25 Schedule 61
Ann EANSWORTH Wife Married 32   Wingerworth, Derbyshire
Jane EANSWORTH Daughter   10 Scholar Alton, Ashover
Elizabeth EANSWORTH Daughter   8 Scholar Alton, Ashover
Margaret EANSWORTH Daughter   3   Alton, Ashover
Catherine EANSWORTH Daughter   2   Press, Ashover
William EANSWORTH Son   3mth   Press, Ashover
45 Amber Lane, "Lord Nelson Inn" Samuel LIMB Head Married 70 Farmer & Licensed Victualler Ashover RG12/2757 Page 47 Schedule 65
Martha LIMB Wife Married 64 Innkeeper's Assistant Ashover
Richard LIMB Son Single 31 Farm Assistant Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Frederick HOPKINSON Servant Single 19 Farm Servant Ashover
46 North Brittain Samuel TWIGG Head Married 40 Farmer Tansley, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 55 Schedule 40
Frances TWIGG Wife Married 44   Beeley, Derbyshire
Charles W. TWIGG Son Single 20 Employed on farm Beeley, Derbyshire
Samuel TWIGG Son Single 18 Employed on farm Beeley, Derbyshire
Arthur TWIGG Son Single 2   Beeley, Derbyshire
47 Three Horseshoes, Spitewinter John BYARD Head Married 46 Licensed Victualler Ford, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 61 Schedule 7
Martha BYARD Wife Married 46   Tansley, Derbyshire
Martha BYARD Daughter Single 17 Assistant Tansley, Derbyshire
Lydia BYARD Daughter Single 16 Assistant Tansley, Derbyshire
Robert BYARD Son   10 Scholar Matlock, Derbyshire
Ellen BYARD Daughter   8 Scholar Matlock, Derbyshire
Eliza BYARD Daughter   7 Scholar Matlock, Derbyshire
Kate BYARD Daughter   5 Scholar Matlock, Derbyshire
Amelia BYARD Daughter   4   Ashover
48 Peasenhurst James BOWN Head Married 60 Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 62 Schedule 25
Jane BOWN Wife Married 54   Ashover
Francis BOWN Son   16 Farm Labourer Ashover
Charles BOWN Son   10 Scholar Ashover
49 Peasenhurst Adam BOWN Head Married 29 Quarryman Ashover RG12/2757 Page 62 Schedule 26
Sarah A. BOWN Wife Married 21   Whittington, Derbyshire
Lillie BOWN Daughter   1   Ashover
50 Peasenhurst John BOWN Head Widower 74 Farmer Ashover RG12/2757 Page 62 Schedule 27
51 Peasenhurst Hannah BOWN Head Widow 64 Farmer Bakewell, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 62 Schedule 28
Polly BOWN Daughter Single 24 General Servant Ashover
52 Uppertown Thomas BOWN Head Married 35 Stone Cutter Ashover RG12/2757 Page 63 Schedule 38
Mary C. BOWN Wife Married 32   Ashover
John F. BOWN Son   13 Scholar Ashover
Elizabeth BOWN Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
53 Buntingfield Emlin DRONFIELD Head Married 29 Quarryman Ashover RG12/2757 Page 64 Schedule 43
Harriet DRONFIELD Wife Married 24   Ashover
Betty E. DRONFIELD Daughter   4   Ashover
Charles E. DRONFIELD Son   3   Ashover
Harriett DRONFIELD Daughter   1   Ashover
54 Slate House Samuel BOWN Head Married 32 Quarryman Ashover RG12/2757 Page 64 Schedule 46
Alice BOWN Wife Married 27   Ashover
Thomas BOWN Son   6 Scholar Ashover
Samuel BOWN Son   2   Ashover
Alice BOWN Daughter   10mth   Ashover
John HAYNES Nephew   11 Scholar Oaker, Derbyshire
55 Hardwick Samuel RAINS Head Married 67 Farmer Winster, Derbyshire RG12/2757 Page 64 Schedule 49
Mary A. RAINS Wife Married 67   Matlock, Derbyshire
Joseph RAINS Son Single 36 Farmer's son Sheffield, Yorkshire
Lucy RAINS Daughter Single 30 Farmer's daughter Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire
Annie RAINS Daughter Single 23 Farmer's daughter Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire
Arthur WALTERS Servant Single 20 Farm Servant Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
56 Alice Head George ELLIS Head Single 70 Living on his own means Ashover RG12/2757 Page 65 Schedule 59
Eliza ELLIS Sister Single 58 Living on her own means Ashover
57 Alton Robert JEPSON Head Married 42 Coal Miner Blidworth, Nottinghamshire  
Sarah JEPSON Wife Married 37   Holmgate, Derbyshire
Mary J. JEPSON Daughter   16   Clay Cross, Derbyshire
Henry JEPSON Son   14 Farmer's son Press, Ashover
Alice JEPSON Daughter   10 Scholar Holmgate, Derbyshire
Nellie JEPSON Daughter   7 Scholar Alton, Ashover
Robert JEPSON Son   4   Alton, Ashover
George JEPSON Son   3   Alton, Ashover
Rebecca JEPSON Daughter   11mth   Alton, Ashover
58 Alton Charles HEARN Head Married 26 Coal Miner Bermondsey, London  
Elizabeth HEARN Wife Married 23   Ashover
59 Alton John FRETWELL Head Married 51 Farmer Ashover  
Elizabeth FRETWELL Wife Married 46   Ashover
Elizabeth Stone Visitor Widow 72 Living on her own means Ashover
Joseph FRETWELL Brother   43 Stone Mason Ashover
Fanny FRETWELL Daughter   16   Ashover
60 Alton Henry YOUNG Head Married 39 Coal Miner Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire  
Mary YOUNG Wife   36   Holmgate, Derbyshire
Henry YOUNG Son   10 Scholar Holmgate, Derbyshire
George YOUNG Son   8 Scholar Holmgate, Derbyshire
Mary J YOUNG Daughter   6 Scholar Holmgate, Derbyshire
John YOUNG Son   3   Alton, Ashover
William YOUNG Son   4mth   Alton, Ashover
61 Alton William DAYKIN Head   49 Joiner Mapperley, Derbyshire  
William DAYKIN Son   28 Farmer's son Mapperley, Derbyshire
Lucy DAYKIN Daughter   18 Farmer's daughter New Tupton, Derbyshire
62 Alton Walter BUNTING Head Married 44 Coal Miner Handley, Clay Cross, Derbyshire  
Ann BUNTING Wife Married 41   Ashover
John BUNTING Son   20 Farm Seward Handley, Clay Cross, Derbyshire
Mary BUNTING Daughter   15 General Domestic Servant Handley, Clay Cross, Derbyshire
Sarah BUNTING Daughter   13 Scholar Handley, Clay Cross, Derbyshire
Lillie BUNTING Daughter   11 Scholar Handley, Clay Cross, Derbyshire
63 Press George YOUNGE Head Married 35 Coal Miner Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire  
Elizabeth YOUNGE Wife Married 29   Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire
Emily YOUNGE Daughter   10   Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire
George YOUNGE Son   7   Holmgate, Derbyshire
Harold YOUNGE Son   4   Ashover
Wilfred YOUNGE Son   2   Ashover

Additional data provided by Dorothy Tilley.