[Last Updated : 07 May 2000]
1881 Census of Ashover

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No. Location Name Relationship to head Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth Reference
1 Marsh Green Lane Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 59 Agricultural Labourer Ashover  
Harriett MARRIOTT Wife Married 55 Dressmaker Ashover
Mahala MARRIOTT Daughter   20 Dressmaker Ashover
Joseph ARMFIELD Grand son   2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
2 The Bourne Charlotte PALMER Head Widow 62   Hammersmith, Middlesex  
Stephen PALMER Son Unmarried 27 No Occupation Gos---?, Suffolk
Florence PALMER Daughter Unmarried 25 No Occupation Gos---?, Suffolk
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Servant   22 General Domestic Servant Ashover
3 Rattle William MARRIOTT Head Married 68 Pauper Ashover  
Eliza MARRIOTT Wife Married 60   Cromford, Derbyshire
4 Rattle Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 70 Farm Labourer South Normanton, Derbyshire  
Phoebe MARRIOTT Wife Married 67   Tansley, Derbyshire
Milicent TURNER Sister-in-law Widow 64   Tansley, Derbyshire
John SMITH Stepson Unmarried 33 Farm Labourer Ashover
5 Rattle Elizabeth MARRIOTT Head Widow 86   Ashover  
David MARRIOTT Son Unmarried 55 Bill Poster Ashover
6 Hill Road Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 32 Bootmaker Ashover  
Emily MARRIOTT Wife Married 40   Horspath, Oxfordshire
Julia MARRIOTT Daughter   6 Scholar Ashover
T. H. MARRIOTT Son   4 Scholar Ashover
Joseph T. MARRIOTT Son   2   Ashover
7 Hill Road George MARRIOTT Head Married 68 Bootmaker Ashover  
Martha MARRIOTT Wife Married 62   Ashover
William MARRIOTT Son Unmarried 35 Groom, out of employment Ashover
8 Amber Lane William MARRIOTT Head Unmarried 27 Stone Quarry Man Ashover  
Mary NEEDHAM Boarder Unmarried ? Charwoman Ashover
Sarah NEEDHAM Boarder Widow 66   Tansley, Derbyshire
Hannah NEEDHAM Boarder   2mths   Ashover
George NEEDHAM Boarder Unmarried 33 Coal Miner, Avenue Pit, Wingerworth Ashover
9 Whitfield House, Ashover William MARRIOTT Head Married 55 Farmer of 31 acres Ashover  
Hannah MARRIOTT Wife Married 53 Farmer's wife Darley, Derbyshire
George MARRIOTT Son Unmarried 20 Stone Quarry Man Ashover
Jeremiah MARRIOTT Son Unmarried 18 Stone Quarry Man Ashover
Clara MARRIOTT Daughter   14   Ashover
John MARRIOTT Son   11 Scholar Ashover
10 Prestedge Samuel MARRIOTT Head Married 30 Stone Cutter Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 27   Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Samuel J. MARRIOTT Son   4   Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Florence MARRIOTT Daughter   2   Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
11 Stone Edge William MARRIOTT Head Unmarried 31 Farmer of 43 acres Ashover  
Dinah MARRIOTT Mother Widow 53 Dressmaker Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter Unmarried 25 Dressmaker Ashover
Elinda MARRIOTT Daughter Unmarried 20 Schoolmistress Ashover
Walter MARRIOTT Son   17 Stone Mason Ashover
12 Stone Edge Eliza MARRIOTT Head Widow 58 Farmer of 15 acres Ashover  
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Daughter Unmarried 20 Farmer of 15 acres Ashover
13 Spitewinter Thomas MARRIOTT Head Married 47 Stone Cutter Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 35   Ashover
May P.? MARRIOTT Daughter   12 Scholar Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Son   9 Scholar Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Ellen MARRIOTT Daughter   5   Ashover
Tom MARRIOTT Son   2   Ashover
Will MARRIOTT Son   9mths   Ashover
14 Hall Moor? Abraham MARRIOTT Head Married 60 Farmer of 12 acres Ashover  
Mary D. MARRIOTT Wife Married 55 Farmer's wife Brampton, Derbyshire