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1871 Census of Ashover

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No. Location Name Relationship to head Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth Reference
1 Butts Peter MOORE Head Married 68 Retired Tailor & Draper Staveley, Derbyshire RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 1
Mary MOORE Wife Married 64   Sutton, Derbyshire
Elizabeth Smith LEES Daughter Married 30   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
George Wyld LEES Son-in-law Married 44 Retired Draper Beeley, Derbyshire
Alice LEES Granddaughter   2   Bakewell, Derbyshire
2 Butts Joseph HILL Head Married 37 Framework Knitter South Normanton, Derbyshire RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 2
Hannah HILL Wife Married 37 Framework Knitter South Normanton, Derbyshire
Elizabeth HILL Daughter   9 Scholar South Normanton, Derbyshire
Thomas HILL Son   5 Scholar South Normanton, Derbyshire
3 Butts Robert REVELL Head Married 37 Joiner & Wheelwright Ashover RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 3
Rebecca REVELL Wife Married 34 Dressmaker Ashover
Mary REVELL Daughter   11 Scholar Wingerworth, Derbyshire
Joseph REVELL Son   9 Scholar Ashover
Robert Wall REVELL Son   2   Ashover
Thomas REVELL Son   5 Scholar Ashover
Dolly Wall REVELL Daughter   1   Ashover
4 Butts Jonathan BEARDALL Head Married 61 Joiner & Wheelwright Ashover RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 4
Ann BEARDALL Wife Married 60   Ashover
Jonathan BEARDALL Son Unmarried 21 Servant Ashover
Job BEARDALL Grandson   15 Horse Breaker Ashover
Kate BEARDALL Granddaughter   10 Scholar Ashover
James BEARDALL Grandson   6 Scholar Ashover
5 Marsh Brook Isaac NEEDHAM Head Married 25 Stone Mason Ashover RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 5
Fanny NEEDHAM Wife Married 22   Nottinghamshire
6 Marsh Brook Elizabeth WHARTON Head Widow 49 Framework Knitter (unemployed) Ashover RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 6
James WHARTON Son-in-law Married 21 Labourer at Iron Furnace North Wingfield, Derbyshire
Miles BRADLEY Lodger Unmarried 31 Labourer at Colliery Ireland
7 Marsh Green Joseph NODDER Head Married 80 Rector of Ashover Chesterfield, Derbyshire RG10/3604 Page 4 Schedule 7
Mary Ann NODDER Wife Married 54   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
John Bourne NODDER Son   17 Scholar Ashover
Jemima Catherine NODDER Daughter   14 Scholar Ashover
? Anne WILSON Visitor   46   Kendall, Westmoreland
Dorothy ? Servant   33 Cook Ashover
Mary Elizabeth WILMOTT Servant   21 Dairy Maid Tansley
Mary MARRIOTT Servant   16 House Maid Ashover
John SLACK Servant   54 General Servant Ashover
William MARRIOTT Servant   24 General Servant Ashover
8 Marsh Brook Thomas NADIN Head Widower 83 Pensioner (Chelsea) Ashover RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 8
9 Henstone Cottage William MARRIOTT Head Unmarried 22 Farmer of 14 acres Ashover  
James MARRIOTT Father Married 47 Gardener Ashover
Dinah MARRIOTT Mother Married 43 Gardener Ashover
James MARRIOTT Brother Unmarried 19 ? Ashover
Belinda? MARRIOTT Sister   11 Scholar Ashover
Walter MARRIOTT Brother   8 Scholar Ashover
10 Bath Houses Thomas SMEDLEY Head Married 66 Miner Ashover RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 11
Mary SMEDLEY Wife Married 61   Matlock, Derbyshire
Lavina SMEDLEY Daughter   18 Servant out of place Ashover
Louisa GOODLAD Daughter Widow 26   Dronfield, Derbyshire
William GOODLAD Grandson   8mth   Sheffield, Yorkshire
11 Bath Houses George CRITCHLOW Head Married 23 Agricultural Labourer Staffordshire RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 12
Jane CRITCHLOW Wife Married 24   Ashover
Elizabeth CRITCHLOW Daughter   3mth   Ashover
12 Bath Houses John MILNER Head Married 45 Farmer of 14 acres Ashover RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 13
Sarah MILNER Wife Married 37 Farmer's wife Brampton, Derbyshire
Hannah Maria MILNER Daughter   13 Farmer's daughter Brampton, Derbyshire
John MILNER Son   7 Farmer's son Brampton, Derbyshire
13 Hill Top Robert TOMLINSON Head Married 56 Farmer of 105 acres, employing 3 boys Ashover RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 14
Eliza TOMLINSON Wife Married 56 Farmer's wife Bonsall, Derbyshire
Mary Grace TOMLINSON Daughter Unmarried 27 Farmer's daughter Bonsall, Derbyshire
Eliza Twigg TOMLINSON Daughter Unmarried 19 Farmer's daughter Bonsall, Derbyshire
John Barker TOMLINSON Son Unmarried 17 Farmer's son Bonsall, Derbyshire
14 Hill Top John TOMLINSON Head Married 44 Farmer of 34 acres Ashover RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 15
Sarah TOMLINSON Wife Married 32   Ashover
Sarah Grace TOMLINSON Daughter   5   Ashover
Annie TOMLINSON Daughter   3   Ashover
Mary TOMLINSON Daughter   1   Ashover
Mary HOLLINGWORTH Servant   13 Maid of all work Ashover
John NIGHTINGALE Servant   14 Farm servant indoor Ashover
15 Appletree Knoll John CROSS Head Married 48 Farmer of 15 acres Belton, Leicestershire RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 16
Ellen CROSS Wife Married 50 Farmer's wife Brailsford, Derbyshire
16   John WHEELDON Head Married 51 Farmer of 17 acres Longford, Derbyshire RG10/3604 Page 5 Schedule 17
Eliza WHEELDON Wife Married 49   Cropper, Derbyshire
17 Hill House John LEES Head Married 79 Retired Farmer Beeley, Derbyshire  
Elizabeth LEES Wife Married 74   Rowsley, Derbyshire
Alfred LEES Son   30 Draper Beeley, Derbyshire
Elizabeth LEES Grand daughter   11 Scholar Beeley, Derbyshire
Rosanna MARRIOTT Servant   16 Domestic Servant Ashover
18 Hill Side George MARRIOTT Head Married 58 Shoemaker Ashover  
Martha MARRIOTT Wife Married 53   Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Son   22 Shoemaker Ashover
Ann MARRIOTT Daughter   14 Shoemaker? Ashover
Annice MARRIOTT Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
18 Rattle Elizabeth MARRIOTT Head Widow 74 Framework Knitter Ashover  
David MARRIOTT Son Unmarried 45 Plasterer's Labourer Ashover
20 Rattle Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 62 Labourer South Normanton, Derbyshire  
Phoebe MARRIOTT Wife Married 57   Tulbery?, Derbyshire
Milicent TURNER Wife's sister   53   Ashover
21 Rattle William MARRIOTT Head Married 58 Labourer Ashover  
Eliza MARRIOTT Wife Married 49   Cromford, Derbyshire
22 Green Lane Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 50 Agricultural Labourer Ashover  
Harriett MARRIOTT Wife Married 44   Ashover
Mahala MARRIOTT Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
23 Spitewinter John MOWBRAY Head Married 28 Labourer Ashover  
Rachel MOWBRAY Wife Married 33   Ashover
Rachel MOWBRAY Daughter   7   Ashover
Tom MOWBRAY Son   5   Ashover
Ellen MARRIOTT Mother-in-law Widow 67 Labourer's widow Ashover
24 Dicklant Hannah STENSOR Head Widow 53 Housekeeper Wingfield, Derbyshire  
Robert STENSOR Boarder   29 Lead Miner's Labourer Brackenfield, Derbyshire
Joseph MARRIOTT Boarder   18 Lead Miner's Labourer Liverpool, Lancashire
25 Prestedge William MARRIOTT Head Married 46 Stonecutter Ashover  
Hannah MARRIOTT Wife Married 44   Darley, Derbyshire
Samuel H. MARRIOTT Son   20 Stonecutter Ashover
William MARRIOTT Son   18 Farm Servant Ashover
Abraham MARRIOTT Son   16 Stonecutter Ashover
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Daughter   13   Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son   10   Ashover
Jeremiah MARRIOTT Son   8   Ashover
Clara MARRIOTT Daughter   5   Ashover
John Holmes MARRIOTT Son   1   Ashover
26 Amber Lane John WATERFALL Head Married 31 Farmer of 25 acres Darley, Derbyshire  
Hannah WATERFALL Wife Married 26   Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Mother-in-law Widow 70 Formerly farmer's wife Matlock, Derbyshire
27 Kelstedge Mill Abraham MARRIOTT Head Married 50 Overlooker of Cotton Factory Ashover  
Mary Ann MARRIOTT Wife Married 45   Brampton, Derbyshire
Mary Ann MARRIOTT Daughter   21 Factory Hand Ashover
28 Kelstedge Ann MARRIOTT Head Widow 61 Glove Knitter Ashover  
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter Unmarried 43   Ashover
29 Upperend Isaac MARRIOTT Head Married 60 Farmer of 15 acres Ashover  
Eliza MARRIOTT Wife Married 48 Farmer's wife Ashover
Edward MARRIOTT Son   15 Labourer Ashover
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
30 Spitewinter Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 25   Ashover  
Sarah MARRIOTT Daughter   5   Ashover
Mary A. MARRIOTT Daughter   1   Ashover