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1861 Census of Ashover

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No. Location Name Relationship to head Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth Reference
1 Ashover Village William Marriott Head Married 36 Stone Cutter Ashover Schedule 2
Hannah Marriott Wife Married 34   Darley Bridge, Derbys.
Samuel H. Marriott Son   10   Ashover
William Marriott Son   8   Ashover
Abraham Marriott Son   6   Ashover
Elizabeth Marriott Daughter   3   Ashover
George Marriott Son   5 mths   Ashover
2 Ashover Village Thomas J. Beardow Head Married 32 Parish Clerk Ashover Schedule 3
Sarah Beardow Wife Married 35   Ashover
John Henry Beardow Son   10 Scholar Ashover
George Beardow Son   8 Scholar Ashover
Thomas Beardow Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Alice Beardow Daughter   5 Scholar Ashover
Mary Ann Beardow Daughter   3   Ashover
Elizabeth Beardow Daughter   1   Ashover
Mary Marriott Mother-in-law Widow ? formerly Charwoman Ashover
3 Ashover Village Rebecca Knowles Head Widow 83 Seamstress Ashover Schedule 38
James Marriott Lodger Widower 75 Agricultural Labourer Ashover
4 Ashover Rattle Anthony Marriott Head Married 42 Coal Miner Ashover Schedule 72
Hannah Marriott Wife Married 38 Charwoman Ashover
James Marriott Son Unmarried 18 Blacksmith (apprentice) Ashover
David Smedley Brother-in-law Widower 28 Stone Mason Ashover
Mary Smedley Niece   7 Scholar Ashover
William Smedley Nephew   4 Scholar Ashover
5 Ashover Rattle George Marriott Head Married 48 Shoe Maker Ashover Schedule 76
Martha Marriott Wife Married 43   Ashover
Joseph Marriott Son   12   Ashover
Ann Marriott Daughter   4   Ashover
6 Ashover Rattle Elizabeth Marriott Head Widow 64 Framework Knitter Ashover Schedule 77
David Marriott Son Unmarried 35 Framework Knitter Ashover
Martha Barber Grand daughter   10 Scholar Clay Cross, Derbys.
7 Ashover Rattle Joseph Marriott Head Widower 54 Agricultural Labourer Ashover Schedule 89
Rebecca Marriott Daughter Unmarried 19   Ashover
Joseph Marriott Son Unmarried 17 Iron Mine Labourer Ashover
8 Ashover Rattle William Marriott Head Unmarried 48 Agricultural Labourer Ashover Schedule 94
9 Hill Top Farm Joshua Tomlinson Head Widower 75 Farmer of 130 acres Ashover Schedule 106
John Tomlinson Son Unmarried 34 Farmer's son Ashover
James Thorpe Servant Unmarried 23 Farm Servant Mansfield, Notts.
William Marriott Servant   15 Farm Servant Ashover
Ann Bunting Servant   16 House Servant Ashover
10 Marsh Green Lane Joseph Marriott Head Married 38 Agricultural Labourer Ashover Schedule 142
Harriett Marriott Wife Married 35   Ashover
Mary Marriott Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
Rosanna Marriott Daughter   6 Scholar Ashover
Mahala Ann Marriott Daughter   9mths   Ashover
11 Rose Cottage Jemima Nodder Head Unmarried 82 Landed Property Chesterfield, Derbys. Schedule 146
Martha Fielding Servant Unmarried 27 Servant of all work Hope, Derbys.
Joseph Marriott Servant Unmarried ? Servant of outdoor work Ashover
12 Nutting Fields, Alton William Marriott Head Married 31 Colliery Labourer (Carter) Ashover Schedule 95
Mary Marriott Wife Married 26   Belper, Derbys.
Priscilla Marriott Daughter   1   Ashover
13 Chapel Road Hannah Beastall Head Widow 64 Farmer Brampton, Derbys.  
John Marriott Son-in-law Married 34 Coal Miner Ashover
Mary Marriott Daughter Married 33   Ashover
Elizabeth Beastall Grand daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
14 Dicklant John Housley Head Married 68 Agricultural Labourer Ashover Schedule 25
Martha Housley Wife Married 64   Ashover
Sarah Marriott Daughter Married 21 Dressmaker Ashover
Sarah A. Marriott Grand daughter   7 Scholar Clay Cross, Derbys.
Ann Marriott Grand daughter   9 mths   Clay Cross, Derbys.
15 Moor Cottage, Milltown Elizabeth Watts Head Widow 46 Farmer of 20 acres Chesterfield, Derbys. RG9/2525 Page 49, Schedule 53
Mary Watts Daughter   13 Scholar Wessington, Derbys.
Mary Marriott Mother Widow 82 Farmer's Widow Ashover
Henry Smith Uncle Unmarried 70 Farm Labourer Ashover
16 Kelstedge James Marriott Head Married 66 Tailor (master) Ashover RG9/2525 Page 58, Schedule 26
Ann Marriott Wife Married 59 Tailor's wife Ashover
Mary Marriott Daughter Unmarried 37 Tailor's daughter Ashover
Eliza Marriott Daughter Unmarried 22 Factory Hand Ashover
Martha Vanes? Visitor   5 Blacksmith's daughter Ashover
17 Kelstedge Hannah Marriott Head Widow 68 Lead Miner's Widow Ashover RG9/2525 Page 59, Schedule 41
Mary Marriott Daughter Unmarried 39 Factory Hand Ashover
18 Kelstedge Bower Marriott Head Married 69 Agricultural Labourer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 59, Schedule 42
Ann Marriott Wife Married 46   Ashover
19 Kelstedge Mill Abraham Marriott Head Married 40 Factory Overlooker Ashover RG9/2525 Page 59, Schedule 47
Mary Ann Marriott Wife Married 35 Factory Hand Brampton, Derbys.
Henry Marriott Son Unmarried 16 Factory Hand Brampton, Derbys.
Mary Ann Marriott Daughter   11 Factory Hand Ashover
Joseph Marriott Son   9 Scholar Brampton, Derbys.
Hannah Maria Marriott Daughter   5 Scholar Ashover
20 Stonedge James Marriott Head Married 39 Tailor (master) and farmer of 10 acres Ashover RG9/2525 Page 69, Schedule 46
Diana Marriott Wife Married 34   Ashover
William Marriott Son   12   Ashover
James Marriott Son   9   Ashover
Mary Marriott Daughter   6   Ashover
Diana Elinda Marriott Daughter   1   Ashover
21 Spite Winter Ellen Marriott Head Widow 54 Farmer's widow Ashover RG9/2525 Page 70, Schedule 52
Thomas Marriott Son Unmarried 26 Carter Ashover
Rachel Marriott Daughter Unmarried 22 Dressmaker Ashover
Mary Marriott Daughter Unmarried 19 Farmer's daughter Ashover
22 Hardwick Isaac Marriott Head Married 51 Agricultural Labourer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 70, Schedule 60
Eliza Marriott Wife Married 38   Ashover
John Marriott Son   16 Agricultural Labourer Brampton, Derbys.
Mary Marriott Daughter   12   Baslow, Derbys.
Edward Marriott Son   5   Ashover
Elizabeth Marriott Daughter   1 mth   Ashover
23 Ashover Village Henry White Head Married 36 Blacksmith and Publican Ashover RG9/2525 Page 5, No.18
Hannah White Wife Married 37   Ashover
Mary White Daughter Unmarried 16 House Servant Ashover
Charles White Son   15 Blacksmith's Apprentice Ashover
Lydia White Daughter   13 Scholar Ashover
William White Son   11 Scholar Ashover
Anne White Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
Eliza White Daughter   7 Scholar Ashover
Henry White Son   4 Scholar (* deaf & blind from birth) Ashover
Maria White Daughter   2   Ashover
24 Black Swan Joseph Holmes Head Married 40 Innkeeper Handley, Derbys. RG9/2525 Page 8, Schedule 45
Ann Holmes Wife Married 43   Ashover
Robert J. G. Holmes Son Unmarried 16 Shoe Maker Ashover
Sarah Ann Holmes Daughter   5 Scholar Ashover
Mary Gaunt Mother-in-law Widow 60 Cordwainer's Widow Ashover
John Gaunt Uncle Unmarried 56 Shoe Maker Ashover
25 Ashover Village George Mellor Head Unmarried 20 Carpenter and Farmer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 8, Schedule 47
David Watts Uncle Unmarried 65 Chelsea Pensioner Ashover
Mary Watts Servant Unmarried 64 House Servant Chesterfield, Derbys.
Sarah Crabtree Servant Unmarried 17 Dairy Maid Crich, Derbys.
Easter Watts Boarder Unmarried 90 Formerly Servant Dronfield, Derbys
26 Ashover Rattle Thomas Mowbray Head Unmarried 52 Lead Miner Ashover RG9/2525 Page 10, Schedule 73
27 Ashover Rattle George Bown Head Married 30 Labourer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 11, Schedule 91
Eliza Bown Wife Married 28   Ashover
Isaac Bown Son   7 Scholar Sheffield, Yorks.
James Bown Son   5 Scholar Sheffield, Yorks.
28 Eastwood Hall Martha Renshaw Head Widow 59 Seamstress Ashover RG9/2525 Page 13, Schedule 126
Martha Renshaw Daughter Unmarried 34 Formerly Gingham Weaver Ashover
George Renshaw Son Unmarried 18 Coal Miner Ashover
Joseph Renshaw Son Unmarried 16 Coal Miner Ashover
29 Alton Paul Keeton Head Widower 42 Quarryman Ashover RG9/2525 Page 20, Schedule 11
Ann Keeton Daughter   9 Scholar Ashover
Elizabeth Keeton Mother Widow 82 Housekeeper North Wingfield, Derbys.
30 Alton Lane John Keeton Head Married 48 Cotton Framework Knitter Ashover RG9/2525 Page 21, Schedule 17
Hannah Keeton Wife Married 47 Cotton Framework Knitter's wife Ashover
31 Alton Richard Keeton Head Married 44 Small Farmer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 22, Schedule 27
Martha Keeton Wife Married 49   Yorkshire
32 Stubbin Edge Hall William Milnes Head Married 75 Magistrate & Dept. Lieutenant and landed proprietor Ashover RG9/2525 Page 34, Schedule 19
Isabel G. H. Milnes Wife Married 62   Wingfield Manor, Derbys.
William Milnes Son Unmarried 42   Ashover
Eliza Gregory Servant Unmarried 36 Cook Ecclesfield, Yorks.
Jane Handbury Servant Unmarried 33 Ladies Maid Ashover
Ann Mycroft Servant Unmarried 22 House Maid Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.
Eliza Harrison Servant Unmarried 19 Dairy Maid Holbrook, Derbys.
William Flint Servant Unmarried 27 Coachman ?, Leics.
Alfred Hodgson Servant Unmarried 21 Footman Morton, derbys.
33 North Britain David Marriott Head Married 71 Farmer of 50 acres Ashover RG9/2525 Page 56, Schedule 5
Hannah Marriott Wife Married 60   Matlock, Derbys.
Ann Marriott Daughter Unmarried 22   Ashover
Hannah Marriott Daughter Unmarried 17   Ashover
George Wagstaff Servant Unmarried 37 Farmer's Servant Darley Dale, Derbys.
34 Eddlestow Joseph Adams Head Married 63 Farmer of 90 acres Darley Dale, Derbys. RG9/2525 Page 56, Schedule 10
Rachel Adams Wife Married 56   Ashover
Nicholas Adams Son Unmarried 27 Farmer's son Darley Dale, Derbys.
Joseph Adams Son Unmarried 21 Farmer's son Darley Dale, Derbys.
Rachel Elizabeth Adams Daughter Unmarried 17 Farmer's daughter Darley Dale, Derbys.
Eliza Ann Adams Daughter   14 Farmer's daughter Darley Dale, Derbys.
Mary Jane Adams Daughter   14 Farmer's daughter Darley Dale, Derbys.
George Adams Son   11 Scholar Darley Dale, Derbys.
35 Kelstedge Mill Samuel Jennison Head Married 33 Mechanic/Journeyman Bulwell, Notts. RG9/2525 Page 59, Schedule 46
Mary Jennison Wife Married 31 Dressmaker Bulwell, Notts.
Mary Jennison Daughter   7 Scholar Bulwell, Notts.
Jane Jennison Daughter   4 Scholar Bulwell, Notts.
Wright Samuel Jennison Son   4 mths   Ashover
36 Kelstedge William Spray Head Married 71 Agricultural Labourer Ashover RG9/2525 Page 60, Schedule 50
Sarah Spray Wife Married 68   Whitley, Surrey
Alexander Spray Son Unmarried 28 Stone Cutter Ashover
37 Buntingfield William Fretwell Head Married 65 Farmer of 100 acres Ashover RG9/2525 Page 68, Schedule 34
Rebecca Fretwell Wife Married 69 Farmer's wife North Wingfield, Derbys.
John Fretwell Son Widower 39 Agricultural Labourer Ashover
Ann Fretwell Grand daughter   11   Brampton, Derbys.