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1851 Census of Ashover

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No. Location Name Relationship to head Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth Reference
1 Ashover James MARRIOTT Head Married 64 ? Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 66 ? Ashover
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Grand daughter 6 Ashover
2 Ashover Mary ELLIOTT Head Widow 63 ? Stretton
Mary Ann MARRIOTT Niece 6 Scholar Stretton
3 Marsh George ? Head Unmarried 44 Quarryman Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT ? Unmarried 46 Housekeeper Ashover
James MARRIOTT Son 14 Ashover
4 Marsh Green Jemima NODDER Head Unmarried 72 Gentlewoman Brampton, Derbyshire
Joseph MARRIOTT Servant 45 Servant of all work Ashover
Mary DUFFIELD Servant 46 House maid North Wingfield
? LINDLEY Servant 17 Kitchen maid Ashover
Anne ? Visitor 59 Seamstress Chesterfield, Derbyshire
5 Marsh Grange Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 29 Agricultural labourer Ashover
Harriett MARRIOTT Wife Married 23 Dressmaker Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter 8mths Ashover
6 Rattle Grange James MARRIOTT Head 65 Agricultural labourer Ashover
John MARRIOT Son 24 Iron stone labourer Ashover
7 Rattle Grange Anthony MARRIOTT Head Married 32 Iron stone miner Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Wife Married 29 Ashover
James MARRIOTT Son 8 Scholar Ashover
8 Rattle Grange Elizabeth MARRIOTT Head Widow 53 Framework knitter Ashover
David MARRIOTT Son 26 Framework knitter Ashover
Maria MARRIOTT Daughter 12 Framework knitter Ashover
Thomas MARRIOTT Son 12 Framework knitter Ashover
9 Rattle Grange Betty MARRIOTT Head Unmarried 53 Charwoman Ashover
Sarah MARRIOTT Sister 36 Ashover
10 Rattle Grange Joseph MARRIOTT Head Married 42 Agricultural labourer Normanton
Rebecca MARRIOTT Wife Married 48? Charwoman Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son 15 Ashover
Rhodes MARRIOTT Son 13 Ashover
Rebecca MARRIOTT Daughter 11 Home Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Son 8 Home Ashover
Martha LOMAS Lodger 87 Pauper Grindleford Bridge
11 Rattle Grange George MARRIOTT Head Married 38 Shoemaker Ashover
Martha MARRIOTT Wife Married 29 Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son 8 Scholar Ashover
William MARRIOTT Son 5 Scholar Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Son 2 Ashover
12 Rattle William MARRIOTT Head Unmarried 38 Agricultural labourer Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Sister Unmarried 25 Charwoman Ashover
William MARRIOTT Nephew 10 Scholar Ashover
13 Hazlehurst James WRAGG Head Married 74 Farmer of 71 acres employing 7 labourers Matlock, Derbyshire
Jane WRAGG Wife Married 72 Ibstock, Leicestershire
James WRAGG Son 39 Farmer's son Matlock, Derbyshire
Mary RIGOTT Granddaughter 10 Scholar Ashover
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Servant 18 House servant Ashover
14 Ravensnest George BUCKLEY Head Unmarried 70 Lead miner Ashover
Ann BUCKLEY Sister Unmarried 63 Ashover
Elizabeth MARRIOTT Servant 16 Ashover
15 New Engine Abraham MARRIOTT Head Married 46 Farmer of 27 acres Ashover
Maria MARRIOTT Wife Married 36 Ashover
Samuel MARRIOTT Son 14 Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Daughter 10 Ashover
Matthew MARRIOTT Son 7 Ashover
Abraham MARRIOTT Son 5 Ashover
William MARRIOTT Son 3 Ashover
Rachel MARRIOTT Daughter 1 Ashover
16 Kelstedge Hannah MARRIOTT Head Widow 56 Employed at home Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter 29 Cotton twister Ashover
17 Kelstedge Bower MARRIOTT Head Married 59 Turnpike labourer Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Wife Married 58 Ashover
18 Amber Lane James MARRIOTT Head Married 55 Tailor Ashover
Ann MARRIOTT Wife Married 50 Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter 27 Pauper Ashover
Eliza MARRIOTT Daughter 12 Ashover
19 Northbridden David MARRIOTT Head Married 59 Farmer of 50 acres Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Wife Married 48 Matlock, Derbyshire
Harriett MARRIOTT Daughter 18 Ashover
Ann MARRIOTT Daughter 12 Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Daughter 6 Ashover
Thomas TOPHAM Servant 12 Farm labourer Matlock, Derbyshire
20 Red Lion Inn, Stonedge George YOUNG Head Married 52 Farmer and Innkeeper Ashover
Ann YOUNG Wife Married 57 Ashover
Ann YOUNG Daughter 17 Ashover
Rebecca YOUNG Daughter 12 Ashover
Thomas MARRIOTT Servant 17 Farm servant Ashover
21 Stonedge Sarah MARRIOTT Head Widow - Occupies 5 acres Ashover
James MARRIOTT Son-in-law Married 26 Tailor Ashover
Diana MARRIOTT Daughter Married 24 Tailor's wife Ashover
Sarah MARRIOTT Granddaughter 3 Ashover
William MARRIOTT Granddaughter 2 Ashover
22 Spitewinter Abraham MARRIOTT Head Married 49 Stone cutter and Farmer Ashover
Ellen MARRIOTT Wife Married 48 Ashover
Joseph MARRIOTT Son 25 Ashover
Rachel MARRIOTT Daughter 12 Ashover
George MARRIOTT Son 11 Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter 8 Ashover
Joseph HOPKINSON Lodger 19 Lead smelter Walton, Derbyshire
23 Spitewinter Samuel MARRIOTT Head Married 22 Stone cutter Ashover
Eliza MARRIOTT Wife Married 21 Darley, Derbyshire
24 Three Horseshoes, Spitewinter Samuel HOLMES Head Married 60 Innkeeper and Butcher Darley, Derbyshire
Elizabeth HOLMES Wife Married 49 Matlock, Derbyshire
John HOLMES Son 16 Servant Darley, Derbyshire
Ruth HOLMES Daughter 11 Scholar Darley, Derbyshire
William MARRIOTT Daughter's husband Married 25 Lead smelter Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Daughter Married 23 Darley, Derbyshire
S. H. MARRIOTT Granddaughter* 4mths Ashover
25 Quarry House, Spitewinter William MARRIOTT Head Married 33 Stone cutter Ashover
Sarah MARRIOTT Wife Married 30 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Samuel MARRIOTT Son 9 Scholar Ashover
Mary MARRIOTT Daughter 6 Scholar Ashover
Hannah MARRIOTT Daughter 4 Ashover
William MARRIOTT Son 1 Ashover
26 Holestone Moor Samuel CALLODINE Head Married 44 Farmer of 96 acres Pinxton, Derbyshire HO 107/2147 Folio 60, Page 12
Sarah CALLODINE Wife Married 43 Morton, Derbyshire
Elizebth CALLODINE Daughter Unmarried 13   Ashover
Sarah CALLODINE Daughter 6   Ashover
Elizar CALLODINE Daughter 3 Ashover
William CALLODINE Son 2 Ashover
John COCKING Servant Unmarried 19 Agricultural servant Crich, Derbyshire
27 Upperend Adam BOWN Head Married 42 Stone Labourer Ashover  
Sarah BOWN Wife Married 45   Ashover
Harriet BOWN Daughter   10 Scholar Ashover
John BOWN Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Isaac BOWN Son   7 Scholar Ashover
Hannah BOWN Daughter   4   Ashover
Elizabeth BOWN Daughter   1   Ashover
28 Peasonhurst Isaac BOWN Head Married 70 Stone Cutter occupying 9 acres of land Ashover  
Sarah BOWN Wife Married 65   Ashover
Anthony BOWN Son Unmarried 26 Stone Cutter Ashover
29 Peasonhurst John BOWN Head Married 34 Stone Cutter Occupying 5 acres of land Ashover  
    Martha BOWN Wife Married 26   Beeley, Derbyshire
    Hannah BOWN Daughter   3   Ashover
30 Peasonhurst Thomas BOWN Head Married 32 Stone Cutter occupying 5 acres of land Ashover  
Hannah BOWN Wife Married 24   Beeley, Derbyshire
Elizabeth BOWN Daughter   4   Ashover
Eliza BOWN Daughter   2   Ashover
31 Buntingfield Cullumbell House Isaac BOWN Head Married 38 Labourer occupying 4 acres of land Ashover  
Ellen BOWN Wife Married 31   Ashover  
Joseph BOWN Son   11   Ashover  
Mary BOWN Daughter   9   Ashover  
Hannah BOWN Daughter   7   Ashover  
Isaac BOWN Son   5   Ashover  
John BOWN Son   2   Ashover  

CALLODINE data provided by Valerie Roper.